Fire, Medical & Welfare

Fire Safety

  • No Smoking Inside any of the buildings including your chalets

  • There are fire blankets inside your Chalets.

  • If you suspect a fire please find a members of staff as soon as possible.

Medical & Welfare

  • To bring your medication with you just bring a copy of your prescription, put all the medication together in its original packaging in a clear plastic bag with your name (that matches you ID and the name on your ticket) and contact number clearly marked on it.

  • The safety of yourselves is massively important to us. Throughout the weekend our welfare team will be conducting daily welfare checks to make sure everyones safe and healthy. You can also express any concerns to them. Our welfare team is built up of NHS nurses and mental health nurses who have been in the festival scene for years. They're extremely approachable and friendly. These welfare checks do include checking on you in your chalet so across the weekend you may get a knock at the door. So try keep your chalet tidy across the weekend. If the welfare team don't get a response from you whilst knocking and they express any concerns, they'll get the event management team and park management who will make a courtesy call as soon as possible, if you're not there you'll be informed with a note that we visited. Remember that the safety of yourself and the condition of the park makes for a successful event and we'll be able to host events there in the future.

  • If your medication requires syringes we ask you to use these at the first aid centre, so that we can make sure the syringes are properly disposed of. You can take any used syringes and medical waste to the medical centre.