Fire, Medical and Welfare

Fire Safety

  • If bringing a protable gas stove please make sure you only bring enough gas for the weekend. Excessive quantities may be confiscated. In the event of very hot weather / dry ground conditions we reserve the right to prohibit the use of camping stoves for safety reasons.

  • If you have a small camping stove with you, please read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you are using it correctly and ensure the gas valve is OFF when changing the gas. NEVER EVER use a gas stove inside a tent.​

Medical & Welfare

  • To bring your medication with you just bring a copy of your prescription, put all the medication together in its original packaging in a clear plastic bag with your name (that matches you ID and the name on your ticket) and contact number clearly marked on it.  

  • If your medication requires syringes we ask you to use these at the first aid centre, so that we can make sure the syringes are properly disposed of. You can take any used syringes and medical waste to the medical centre.