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Fire, Medical and Welfare

Fire Safety

  • If bringing a portable gas stove please make sure you only bring enough gas for the weekend. Excessive quantities may be confiscated. In the event of very hot weather / dry ground conditions we reserve the right to prohibit the use of camping stoves for safety reasons.

  • If you have a small camping stove with you, please read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you are using it correctly and ensure the gas valve is OFF when changing the gas. NEVER EVER use a gas stove inside a tent.​


Pre-hospital Advanced Care Team (PACT Medical) will be providing medical cover to Tearout Summer and Winter Festival 2021. Registered with the Care Quality Commission and rated GOOD.

Present will be a mixture of Health Care Professionals who are there to serve you should you fall injured or unwell 24 hours/day.

We will have a full A&E department set up at the event including A&E staff and urgent care facilities, therefore please come and see us before calling 111. In an Emergency where you cannot get help immediately but the situation is life threatening you can dial 999 for an Ambulance, but as the providers for medical care we will also be dispatched to your 999 call from the Ambulance Control room.

To get help, you can contact a steward or security personnel.

A direct contact number to the medical centre will be advertised during the event


Should you wish to store your medication with us. Please  kindly bring a copy of your prescription, put all the medication together in its original packaging in a clear plastic bag with your name (that matches you ID and the name on your ticket) and contact number clearly marked on it. We will have a fridge present for insulin and other injectable medications, therefore should you require to inject medication then please present this to the Medical Centre for safe storage.


You can contact us by emailing



FLOW mental health and welfare services will be on hand to offer counselling, acute mental health crisis support and welfare to those who find themselves in need of support services.

The Welfare tent will be located next to the medical tent.