Reschedule Announcement

We're extremely disappointed that we have to announce that we'll be postponing Tearout's open air festival in July this year and rescheduling the date for 16th - 18th July 2021 at Scholey park. This isn't a decision we've taken lightly and we've had many sleepless nights and explored all options in the past few months but we want to ensure the safety of everybody that attends and also the local communities. We're transferring our incredible line up over to that date along with all the amazing plans that we unfortunately didn't get to show you this year, just know you're in for something extremely special next year.


So why have we been so quiet the past few weeks? Over the past 2 months we've been working extremely hard behind the scenes assessing the situation but also trying to offer an alternative for early next year when it may be safe to host gatherings again without social distancing measures.


As the open air event can't go ahead this year we've decided to make up for lost time and bring you two huge events next year. On top of the the open air event that we've unfortunately had to postpone, we're in the middle of organising a 3 day indoor festival in a holiday park to celebrate our 4th birthday for the start of next year. This event will be huge and we'll be taking it back to our roots and doing what we do best providing you a massive indoor show. With the addition of having your own 4-6 person chalet for you and your friends with electricity, warmth, a shower and a kitchen. We've got 4 stages with the music running for longer and the fact that we won't be restricted to the levels of volume like you are at open air events here in the UK. We're already organising a huge line up just as big as the one we've already put out for this event.


We've been planning to announce this all at the same time but we need you to be a little bit more patient with us so we can give you all of the information at once, a new event page will be out for this event as soon as possible. How do you find out more information and keep up to date with this? You can follow all of our announcements by liking our social media page or visiting our website and subscribing to our emails.


All of the tickets purchased so far will be transferable to our next event, and if you'd like to transfer yours over to our indoor festival then we're happy to do that as well. They'll have more information but if you have already purchased your ticket and would like to attend both events we'll be offering you exclusive access to our early birds for our winter festival and a discount code for you to use.


We understand times have been tough the past few months and we're not going to ask to donate your ticket, but we are asking you to support us wherever possible. Like other companies our insurance hasn't covered this pandemic and If you can afford to wait until our next event and keep hold of your ticket but we know some of you may need the cash or simply may not be able to attend this year. If this is the case please message us directly regarding a refund.


Thank you for all your kind messages the past few weeks and the support you've shown us so far. We have a wicked live stream lined up for you with the date being announced soon.

Tickets For Tearout's Open Air Festival 2021 & REFUND OPTIONS:

We're a small company at Tearout and we've always promoted the underground culture. With that comes a lot of costs has always been a truly. Therefore the best chance for us to continue to stay true to the music and creation of the event, and for our future to be safeguarded, is for all current ticket holders to roll their tickets over to the 2021 event. 

Breakdown of options:

  • All instalment ticket holders have now been given a payment holiday until further notice.

  • All tickets for the 2020 event will roll straight over to the 2021 event - if you’re keen to support the festival and come back next year then there is no need for you to do anything - apart from sit back and look forward to next year

  • If you would like to request a refund then the window to do this will be until the 17th July 2020

  • Refunds will be issued as soon as possible