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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is My Ticket?

If you have purchased your ticket through the ticketsellers you'll have received a receipt for your purchase. By this point you should also have been emailed your ticket. If you have not received your ticket or your receipt. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder or you can visit your ticketseller account to see your purchase. If you continue to struggle please contact info@theticketsellers.co.uk

I've Lost My Ticket!

Don't panick, we got you! Please see your purchase on your online ticketsellers account: https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/

Can I Sell My Ticket?

You can sell your ticket. You are also able to change the name of the ticket in your online ticket sellers account. Be very careful about buying tickets off someone you don’t know, we've had issues before where someone sells their ticket to more than one person and only the first to arrive gets let in. We will not allow you in the festival if your ticket has already been used! The only guaranteed tickets are official ones bought straight from us!

Is The Festival Disabled Friendly?

Our festival is disabled friendly. We have a quieter area for disabled camping if you require it and disabled toilets. The site is also flat so there's access for wheelchairs. We also have disabled parking closer to the event. We do recommend that you get in touch with us first to make us aware however so we can accomidate you with the best chalet possible. If you have epilespy and are subject to seizures brought on by flashing lights we recommend you do not come to the festival. There's many intelligent lighting shows across the festival stages and although we have extremely capable medical and welfare staff we find that prevention is better then cure.

Where Can I Apply To: Work, Volunteer, Play, Perform, ETC?

You can join us in our venture at the following link: https://www.tearoutfestival.co.uk/apply

Do You Have Showers?

Yes we have multiple showers across the festival that you can use for a small fee.

Do You Have Cash Machines?

There are cash machines on site.

Do You have Parking?

Yes. We have plenty of parking a short distance from the festival site.

Can I use my Car As A Live In Vehicle?

No. Only vans or bigger can be used as a live in vehicle.

Why Did I Never Hear Back After Applying?

First of all thank you for applying. We receive hundreds of applications each year and we have a small team so it's just impossible to get back to everyone.

What Can Or Can't I Bring?

You wanna know what you can bring huh? Follow this link for more info: https://www.tearoutfestival.co.uk/what-to-bring

What's Your Alcohol Policy?

You can find all the information on our bars and how much drink you can bring in here: https://www.tearoutfestival.co.uk/summer-alcohol-policy

Did We Answer All Your Questions? No. You Didn't. Where Can I Get in Contact?

If you feel we haven't covered it all in our information area, you can reach our inboxes directly right here: https://www.tearoutfestival.co.uk/contact-us

Can I Camp With A Tent Next To a Vehicle In The Live In Area?

Yes, if you've purchased a Large Live In vehicle ticket.

Do I need to be vaccinated to come to Tearout Festival?

We currently don't have guidance on this from the government. However, what many sources have indicated is that you may need to provide a negative test to enter the event. If you have been vaccinated or had covid-19 within the past 3 months then this may not be nessersary. We are waiting to hear more and will continue to update people as we know more.

Can I Change The Name On My Ticket?

You can change the name by going on to the online ticketseller portal. However, we do not require the name to be changed on the tickets. As long as you have seperate tickets and barcodes the tickets will be accepted when scanned.